PDF in a Smartphone dominated world

Everybody has Smartphones nowadays (including my grandma). And all of them want to access their PDF documents using their mobile ktgsuxr. Based on the premise of a fixed layout, the page-description model better known as PDF was developed during a time where documents were exclusively viewed on desktop monitors, or printed.  The revolution that we are now part of it, in which almost every person communicates via his mobile phone sets a variety of challenges and opportunities – in [...]

Multi-Channel from theory to practice

The ability to communicate with customers through digital media should stand as a major strategic plan for every organization.  In order to understand this new trend, we must first and foremost understand the real meaning of “Multi Channel”. Multi-Channel is a new standard which illustrates several of media channels operating in a full co-existing path enabling for both the customer and the organization to communicate in parallel. In case the organization chooses the media channel, then the issue is simple. This [...]

Co-Browse: Easy to Engage, Secure, Available Across Channels

In the digital era we are witnessing constant evolution in business- customer relationship. One of the most frequently changing and evolving CCM issues is in the customer service arena. This article will focus on the interaction between the customers, CSRs and digital forms. The Challenge If a customer is having a problem with your Form, it can be difficult for you to diagnose and resolve the issue over the phone without sharing screens. Many times, Customer Service Reps (CSRs) spend too [...]

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