In the modern world, clients have the ability to instantly gain  information and news regarding their bank and competing banks, and can easily look for low interest rates of all banks and use this information to determine which path to take. Your customers will always want to know more. They are interested in a quick and transparent response from their bank. Once customers are putting their trust and confidence in your bank, you must ensure they are happy and maintain a strategy of communication channels that will connect you directly to them.

Implementation of complex business processes onto one central unified solution provides the following advantages:

  1. Building one infrastructure that provides services for all bank systems, in terms of handling business documents online or via batch processes.
  2. Enforcement of one standardized layout based on master templates.
  3. Reducing the required time for definition of business documents.
  4. Streamlining adjustments to various electronic distribution channels.

The Solution

PrintBOS CCM (Customer Communication Management) is taking the approach of preserving an existing infrastructure and building a central solution with a quick access to the bank's core systems. PrintBOS Interface Compositor enables a quick integration-data import from existing systems.

In addition PrintBOS DesignerPro supports a design of a “base template” which maintains a document’s identical layout by all electronic channels. An advanced Configuration Management add-on, supports a multi session design activity with a full historic templates’ version view.

Business Challenge

Today your clients chooses their communication media - how, when, where and what channel they wants to use. All of this could quickly change if tomorrow, for example customers will buy a new device and ask you to communicate with them through a new distribution channel. From this perspective, it is the Bank's necessity to support a unified business document visibility, regardless of its format or its distribution channel.

Furthermore, customers today use number of channels for their banking transactions, such as: watching a bank statement via personal desktop or via web portal or receiving bank letters by E-Mail. Once your customer quickly moves from one channel to another, customer’s experience must be preserved. This will grant you a great business advantage.

However, most of banks' common technological environments are characterized by a large number of solutions: open systems, legacy systems or Windows environment. This kind of infrastructure leads to a configuration of multi interfaces and a complexity of business processes.

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