In the insurance world, customers’ requirement regarding an operative flexibility and optimal service, serve as a trigger to switch traditional insurance into a modern insurance. The new media supported by legal and social trends creates a new state of the art communication which builds a basis for both an innovative user experience and a new channel to design tailor-made statements.

The benefits to the business sector

Implementation of complex business processes into one central solution provides an organization with the following advantages:

  1. Design & distribution of business documents are implemented in a full comprehensive workflow management, providing organizations with cost-effective business workflows.
  2. Full automation of documents' design allows long processes such as batch processes, to be carried-out faster.
  3. An infrastructure of basic templates and text blocks (using text paragraphs) supports a short design time and lowers the amount of errors.
  4. Adding an electronic signature to the document eliminates the need of a printing process.
  5. New insurance products are implemented in a short time.
  6. Marketing team takes an active part in shaping the document with no need of any programming knowledge.
  7. Digitization and consolidation of business documents saves logistic costs.
  8. Interactive forms contribute to the Organization – Client relationship.

The solution

The challenges outlined above can be resolved & implemented easily based on PrintBOS's platform. PrintBOS offers insurance companies a wide range of tools for a rich design and clever communication channels.

Using PrintBOS’s advanced tools, for example PrintBOS DesignerPro- forms can quickly be transformed into interactive documents - in which the customer fills in the policy details and sends it via mail. Each document sent to the customer “wears” its’ own format in order to preserve a unified layout (adapted to a certain device).

At the end of the process there is a component called PrintBOS Archive, which enables archiving of all value of the contract with the client fully digitally combined signing and affixing Certificate.

PrintBOS Archive module supports an indexing archive process. Each document is saved and signed digitally.

Business Challenge

In the insurance world, a day to day work-flow incorporates a large number of business documents. Documents vary from simple letters to complex policies and contracts. Each document must be set based on strict series of business regulatory criteria:

  1. Unified design
  2. Merging legal texts
  3. Customizing documents according to their type and distribution channel.

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