A rapidly changing technological world- with constantly changing developments- offers the retail companies a wide range of solutions. The most important one, alternates communication channels between the retailer and its suppliers/customers. Retail companies are required to set a new strategy for managing design and distribution of business documents in real time mode, thus supporting customer retention.

The benefits to the business sector

  1. Full support of EDI infrastructure
  2. Centralized system that enables support for all business processes.
  3. Streamlining of data transfer amongst customers, suppliers and business partners
  4. Building of a digital warehouse thus eliminating the need of a printing process and manual signatures.

The solution

PrintBOS Customer Communication Management enables retail organizations to manage their business documents in a central infrastructure by building a single distribution channel.

PrintBOS Output Navigator allows the creation and distribution of business documents, designing of labels and sequential printing in a production line. In addition, the Navigator enables the distribution to use “smart forms” that include cycle approvals and signatures in the document.

PrintBOS Interface Compositor allows not only a quick interface configuration to the core systems, but also supports data reception from outside of the organization- such as vendor invoices- as well as data import into the ERP system.

Business Challenge

Business documents in the retail industry are bundled- documents the organization sends to its customers and documents that the organization gets from its suppliers are all scattered.

In this “document world”, a document is not only a purchase order or an invoice, it can also be a label with product description in several languages supported barcode or several images. The company has a large number of different solutions for customer communication, for document management and for supply management. In addition, all approval process based on printing and manual signature are entering the production line or the storage house without any significant monitoring.

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