The telecom industry takes part in the most important evolutionary event since the entry of the internet. New devices – such as smartphones, tablets, satellite broadcasting and social networking- impact daily routine. As more customers adapt these media channels, the amount of new opportunities increases and so is the competition.

A quick adaption to new media channels, results in an improved customer experience and an exposure to a direct customer communication sets a significant part in customer retention.

The benefits to the business sector

  • supports both operational branch forms, online processes as well as batch processes, such as invoice processing.
  • Improving operational flexibility - creating and updating new forms in a faster way, full form’s monitoring workflow, detailed configuration management and historic forms' records.
  • Archiving of each contract, a letter or form automatically laboratory and retrieval capabilities form
  • Cost savings by purchasing pre-printed paper and a reduction of logistics fees.
  • Adopting a Digital Signature & enhancing business efficiency.

The Solution

Telecom companies require a comprehensive solution in a short deployment period. Their response time and their ability to adjust to a fast growing market- with constantly changing trends- plays a significant role in determining which solution to choose. PrintBOS Customer Communication Management enables a quick deployment and controlled process of switching from manual to digital process, thus taking care of both electronic signature and form accessibility.

PB component Output Controller allows archiving documents without the need of printing them or manually storage them. In addition, this component enables form indexing for a quick search methods.

The PrintBOS DesignerPro component enables a fast templates' design without any help from an external factor, thus optimizing the allocation of the business process to the production environment.

PrintBOS Server supports both operational branch forms, online processes as well as batch processes, such as invoice processing.

Business Challenge

One of the key rules that allow company’s uniqueness is the ability to quickly provide newly adjusted services & marketing campaigns.

Business processes are central factor in this equation. From formation of service contracts to updating payment methods, a document’s creation and its layout design, must be conducted with maximum flexibility.

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