Multi-Channel from theory to practice

The ability to communicate with customers through digital media should stand as a major strategic plan for every organization.  In order to understand this new trend, we must first and foremost understand the real meaning of “Multi Channel”.

Multi-Channel is a new standard which illustrates several of media channels operating in a full co-existing path enabling for both the customer and the organization to communicate in parallel.

In case the organization chooses the media channel, then the issue is simple. This becomes complex, when the customer has the ability to choose from which platform he wants to engage singulair allergy medicine.

Whether it is a physical location (such as a Bank Branch) or a digital platform – such as, Smartphone, Web, Socials Media or Chat – all of these platforms set different channels from which the customer can get in touch with you.

What is it that you are required to do?

Here comes the great challenge. There are several steps that you need to take in order to achieve that Multi-Channel communication ability: First you need to build a communication platform that will serve the different channels.

In addition you need to have the ability to identify each customer in each channel and provide them with the right information.  A letter for a customer who watches it on a desktop monitor will be long and scrollable, but a letter for a customer who wishes to watch via smartphone device will short and divided to small frames.

You also want to track the data and provide the customers with real-time feedback. A customer who fills out a form and signs it – will want to have it presented to him before being saved and archived.

All of those steps need to be taken as part of the organization’s strategic plan.

The train has left the station…in this constant evolving digital era, customers define the media channel they want to use and the way they prefer to communicate in each session they have with the organization. Organizations that will adjust to this new way of thinking will gain their customers’ trust and will enjoy their customers’ full satisfaction.

Ofir Griner

Mr. Grinner graduated from the Technical University of Munich in 2001. He has gained certificates in SAP MM & SD Module. Grinner's career began at O2 Germany as a PDF expert. Since 2005, Mr. Grinner is managing the product “PrintBOS Digital” and responsible of the activity in EMEA.

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