Ofir Grinner on an interview for ILTV News

ILTV has interviewed Ofir about PrintBOS Digital's recent technology development that everybody just have to know about

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PrintBOS Digital at 2 major conferences in Israel

PrintBOS Digital has presented it's abilities and new technologies at the "Access Israel conference" and at the "Customer Experience Conference". Both were held in Israel's central district

PrintBOS will present its latest cutting-edge technology

PrintBOS will present its latest cutting-edge technology at the upcoming KM event produced by People@computers. The conferenced will be held at the Lago venue, Rishon Lezion, Israel, November 24 2016. Come meet us there!

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"Dorot Control" has implemented the system PrintBOS in Israel

BY ITPORTAL ON July 8, 2014

"Dorot Control Valves, Valve plant in Israel which specializes in manufacturing and marketing mechanical and hydraulic valves, water meters and air eluting industry, agriculture, fire retardant and water conveyance systems, announced the completion of the process of implementing PrintBOS.
PrintBOS, is Israel's most advanced outputs management system, by Consist Group. The system includes a built-in design capabilities, intuitive interface and easy to use. Moshe Avivi, IT Manager of Dorot said that PrintBOS was selected from several other alternatives, as having provided the best solution to create and format documents"...

Virtual printers

By Eilam Lior, Cafemedia

"One excellent software suitable for medium and large organizations is PrintBOS , which is considered, according to experts, a good program, one of its kind in the world"...

Presenting PrintBOS Digital at the KMDM conference

We presented our latest technology- Interactive-Responsive HTML forms- at the KMDM Conference by People&Computers. It was crowded at our booth and we were delighted to meet all of our guests.

"Interactivity for Mobile is a Must"

By People&Compusters, following the KM event, where Shimon Amit spoke about PrintBOS Digital:

"PrintBOS Digital is an advanced CCM solution whose clients range from the biggest brands around the globe"...

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