Consist’s support team includes a group of qualified professionals from the Output field, that are in charge of project management and consultancy. The team assists clients in the process of consolidation and replacement of old processes and esoteric systems into a unified infrastructure -Customer Commination management- that is based on the product PrintBOS Enterprise Edition. In addition, we help each client in obtaining ownership of the documents, to have the ability to independently design them as well as in integrating documents distribution system.

Our specialty – efficiency growth for our customer:

Consist company has an experience of over 20 years in an organization document management. This experience includes implementation of CCM systems in complex environments, for a wide range of customers locally and abroad. Our support system combines specialized knowledge, control systems and routing of customer calls that ensure our quick and accurate response.

As part of our service, we direct our clients towards:

  1. Understanding of the Omni-channel world and its impact on the organization.
  2. The application of direct communication with the customer with the ability to implement a new distribution processes.
  3. Optimization of business processes and a demonstration of a clear ROI to the organization.

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