Co-Browse: Easy to Engage, Secure, Available Across Channels

In the digital era we are witnessing constant evolution in business- customer relationship. One of the most frequently changing and evolving CCM issues is in the customer service arena. This article will focus on the interaction between the customers, CSRs and digital forms.

The Challenge

If a customer is having a problem with your Form, it can be difficult for you to diagnose and resolve the issue over the phone without sharing screens. Many times, Customer Service Reps (CSRs) spend too much time by verbally explaining how to resolve issues. What a CSR really needs in order to save time and be efficient is an easy way to visually guide customers through each self-service Form interaction.

The Solution

By providing an easy-to-use live collaboration to online and mobile customers Co-Browse enables users to jointly view the same forms. With this application, your representatives can help customers in real-time by sharing screens and are able to guide them to complete their task no matter what device or platform they are using. Customers can gain the assistance they need with just one click – without any need for downloads or installations.

Why must you use a Co-Browse solution?

Co-Browsing is the fastest way to assist customers who are having troubles with self-service interactions.  A good Co-Browsing solution will enable your organization to provide live collaboration options to online customers. It will enable you to supply real-time assistance and convert new customers into long-term customers. A Powerful Co-Browsing tool usually provides a valuable and efficient support and enhances user experience thus giving real value to your customers who need assistance.

Organizations who have Co-Browsing ability, can provide their customers with the assistance they need without any need for downloads, installations, or third party plug-ins browse this site. Organizations can integrate co-browsing into their website with just one snippet of code.

A powerful Co-Browsing tool should be able to support any mobile device or web browser, simplifying implementation and eliminating the need to worry about technical compatibility. A good Co-Browsing tool is highly secure and does not require any software downloads. This is a powerful tool which is well suited for customer-focused and security-conscious organizations.

With a good Co-Browsing solution, organizations will gain:

  • Enhance customer experience with a single click:
    Deliver a powerful, highly satisfying service experience by personally guiding customers through difficult self-service interactions — no downloads or installations needed.
  • Improve first contact resolution:
    Teach customers how to use self-service interfaces so they won’t have to call back with the same issue.
  • Improve employee productivity:
    Reduce average handling time by cutting down on back-and-forth verbal descriptions of documents’ content and by visually guiding the customer through the document.



Shimon Amit

Mr. Amit graduated from the Open University in 1995 with a diploma. Mr. Amit has the following skills and qualifications: Business Development management, Strategic Planning, Building Relationships, Coaching, Managing Processes, Market Analysis, Developing Budgets and Project management.

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