Joining your customers and providing them with the best customer experience in an attractive communication channel - is a business commitment.

PB Digital is a customer communications management (CCM) solution which enables your organization to create, manage and deliver business communication with your customers in all distribution channels.

The product’s advanced features enable the organization to optimize each and every interaction with the customer, in all platforms: Call Centers, Mobile Phones, Tablets, SMS, Web, E-Mail and Print. The product allows users who don't have any programming skills to create, build and distribute customer-oriented business information via printed media or multiple digital distribution channels.

Implementing PB Digital & establishing an improved user experience:

  • Omni-Channels - Customers choose the channel to which they prefer to be connected.
    One design fits all channels.
  • Consistency - Your Company will have one design-line through a library of templates. Once your customers interact with your company they will always experience branding & theme consistency.
  • Personal - Once you create a personal targeted communication, you will be more persuasive, which will allow you to open future business opportunities (up-sell).
  • Speed ​​- Customers today are impatient. Accelerating your response time and possible communication interactions in real time via self-service channels, will increase your customers' loyalty.

Unified Omni-Channel platform – it is time to eliminate esoteric systems that cost you time and money, in order to ensure your company's comprehensive communication.

Why PB Digital?

  • Creating quick communication using an identified design for all distribution channels.
  • Maintaining a competitive advantage in the fast growing digital world.
  • Reducing human errors through automatic control mechanism.
  • Israel's leading CCM solution.

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