One billion people, or 15 % of the world’s population, experience some sort of a disability. PrintBOS’s Universal Accessibility Add-On, allows everyone to consume information using an accessible PDF documents.

Information plays a key role in modern society and is becoming more and more common in digital communication. Worldwide PDF has become the standard format and the most widely used information channel due to its high reliability, convenience and user-friendliness.

In order to ensure access to PDF files to as many people as possible, a new ISO standard – IOS 14289-1 was developed (better known as PDF / UA).

“UA” – Universal Accessibility or “Universal Access” refers to the central demand of the standard device. This is the definition of the first full set of requirements for accessible PDF documents.

PDF / UA enable people with disabilities to do the following actions:

  • Use PDFs without any assistance from others.
  • Reach a certain point in a document, directly and within a reasonable time.
  • Use the same quality PDFs as people without disabilities.

PrintBOS PDF / UA builds tags based on the content and structure of the document. Tags are standardized content which represent data for various assistive tools such as screen or text-to-speech software.

According to the international law of accessibility, all new public information requires full accessibility. The new PrintBOS V6 supports inherently a full standard PDF / UA and allows you to customize documents with these capabilities or to improve access for existing PDF documents.

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