Digital Signature System

Doxi—a digital signature module to streamline approval processes

Doxi is an advanced digital signature system which streamlines organizational approval processes of documents such as purchase orders, agreements, contracts, invoices, HR forms for new employees and more. Doxi allows you to create, within seconds, an approval process for each organizational document and distribute it to the desktop computer and smartphones of the signatories who can sign using either their smartphone screen or the computer’s mouse.



Doxi—main benefits and unique features
–  A full REST API that allows it to  interface with the organization’s core systems
– Can be installed either in the cloud or on the company’s internal servers
– Allows the user to easily select the names of the participants  and position the fields accordingly
– The user can define groups of participants
– Provides document templates with digitally signed fields that are automatically positioned
– The approval process is easily tracked using Doxi’s dashboard
– Alerts can automatically be sent to signatories who hold back the process
– Provides the highest level of data security with a visual, digital and encrypted protection layers
– Doxi is eco-friendly and eliminates the costs involved in paper, printing and delivery

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