Interactive documents – transform passive customers into active ones.

The main goal of a business organization is to add new customers which will consume its products and services it offers.

However, whoever is involved in marketing & sales is well aware that the process of gaining new customers is long, complex and expensive and for that reason, once we have succeeded  to gain the loyalty of those customers, we must not forget to attend to their needs and requirements, especially in today’s competitive business environment in which customers  are constantly bombarded by new offers from our competitors .

Therefore, one of the main goals of organizations is to firmly establish strong bonds with its customers via an improved communication channels, thereby preserving their loyalty.

Communication between an organization and its customers can be executed in a variety of channels, with each channel having its own unique features.

Of all the available communication channels, the use of the documents which an organization sends to its customers has proved to be one of the most effective ways to increase customer’s loyalty, thus building a close customer – organization relationship.

Since in most cases, organizations often send their customers various documents (either as part of a service or under the requirements of the law), the cost of integrating marketing / sales messages as part of the documents is quite negligible. PB Digital’s state-of-the-art technology enables  organizations to take advantage of “white space” for integrating marketing and other marketing offers and other informative messages.  Furthermore, when it comes to digital documents- in which the size of the document is not restricted- this communication channel carries enormous benefits.

Customer documents – an effective communication channel

Many organizations are not aware of the variety of ways to utilize interactive documents as a live, bi-directional communication channel with the customer.
The interactive document enables organizations to continue to provide customers with a comprehensive “electronic cover” of services that support the business strategy even after the document has “left” the organization and was sent to the customer.

From the customers’ perspective, on top of getting information from a document, interactive document also allows them to get information and interact with it via focused, convenient and efficient user interface.

In a digital world where more and more customers are connected to various digital channels, using interactive documents plays an important and effective role in enhancing and improving communication between an organization and its customers. Its ability to preserve the customers over a long period of time, by improving and streamlining existing business processes, is highly important.

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